Kind Attention : Ship Owners/Managers

1. This is to inform you that Paris MoU has issued a press release dated 12th August 2013  indicating their readiness to enforce the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006).

Paris MoU ready to enforce MLC, 2006.pdf

2. In May 2013 the Port State Control Committee adopted amendments to the Memorandum to include the MLC, 2006 as a relevant instrument of the Paris MoU, thus making the MLC, 2006 requirements officially subject to port State control, including the possibility for more detailed inspections, expanded inspections and the possibility of detention in serious cases of non-compliance or where hazardous conditions exist.

3. We will like to remind the Owners/Managers of the vessels that MLC, 2006 applies to all ships engaged in commercial activities and Certification is required for all ships of 500 GT and over, making international voyages and comes into force on 20th August 2013. The requirements of the MLC, 2006 have to be implemented on board at the entry into force date.

4. Accordingly owners/managers of vessels whose ships are on international trade, are requested to ensure that their ships are compliant to the Convention requirements and obtain certification on satisfactory completion of inspection at the earliest.