IRClass and ESI group conduct a Seminar on Vibro-Acoustics Marine Special Interest Group

09 Feb 2015

As the International Maritime Organization (IMO) takes firm measures for controlling on-board noise and vibration levels in the interest of passengers and seafarers’ health, it has become increasingly important for the shipyards and design houses to understand the deeper sciences related to the subject and explore technologies that predict noise levels at the design stage to avoid costly retrofits and modifications.

IRClass, having successfully developed empirical methods for onboard noise prediction, has been contributing research papers to the Vibro-Acoustics Marine Special Interest Group (SIG) seminar since 2012. The Vibro Acoustics Marine SIG is a technical forum initiated by the ESI Group that spreads awareness amongst stakeholders about noise prediction at design stage.

This year the 3rd Annual Seminar on Vibro-Acoustics Marine SIG held on 27th and 28th of January was jointly hosted by IRClass and ESI Group at IRClass Head Office, Mumbai with a focus on Asia region. IRClass’ presentation on noise prediction software was well received by the shipyards, design houses and Asian classification societies.

The event was highly successful with the number of participants doubled as compared to last year which evidences the potential market for noise prediction software in Asia. The participants included representatives and senior officials from shipyards, design house, government bodies, classifications societies, research institutes, and ship management companies.

This seminar concluded by with a commitment to create a forum for facilitating technical discussions to help Asian shipping community in reducing noise and vibration levels at design phase.