IHC Holland launches Dredger DCI DREDGE XX

The second of the series of three Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers,for Dredging Corporation of India Limited,being constructed by IHC Dredgers B.V.,The Netherlands,and named "DCI Dredge XX" was launched on 2nd February,2013 at IHC Kinderdijk Shipyard by Smt R.Mohanty, wife of Capt.D.K.Mohanty, Chairman cum Managing Director, DCI ,who was in attendance along with Mrs.G.Joshi, Director of the Ministry of Shipping in India.


The vessel is of steel construction,with an overall length of 114 m, breadth 21.3 m and depth 7.5 m, with a gross tonnage of 6970.

The dredging depth is approximately 25 m, with a hopper capacity of 5,500 cu.m.  The vessel is powered by two nos Main Engines (MAN B&W,type 8L32/44CR) each having a power of 4100 KW.

The designed speed is around 14.1 knots at 80% Maximum Continuous Rating.  Built to UMS requirements,the total complement of the vessel will be 35 persons.

The vessel is being built to dual class of IRS and LRS.


DCI Dredge XX is the second of the series of three dredgers,is expected to be in the third quarter of 2013. The first one DCI Dredge XIX was delivered in November 2012. 

The vessel will be deployed amongst others for the maintenance and dredging projects on the Indian coast. DCI Dredge XX is specially designed for this task taking into account the typical Indian topography of the sea bed soil, along with the strong currents at shallow depths. It is expected that the DCI Dredge XX will have a high productivity, reliability and efficiency capabilities,as well as low power consumption and operational costs.