ACS Seminar on Shipping and Shipbuilding 2013

The ACS (Association of Asian Classification Societies) Seminar on Shipping and Shipbuilding was held on 2nd July 2013 at Jakarta, Indonesia.

The seminar was attended by over 150 persons consisting of Ship owners, Ship Managers, and persons from the Oil & Gas sectors. Representatives from Indonesian & Malaysian administration and Classification Societies were amongst those who attended the Seminar.

Mr. Ibnu Wibowo, President Director of BKI welcomed all the participants to the Seminar. The keynote address was delivered by Capt. Bobby R. Mamahit, Director General of Sea Transportation,  MoT, Republic of Indonesia. Capt. Mamahit also formally declared open the Seminar.  

The Seminar comprised of three sessions:-

Session 1:-Maritime Industry Trend and Regulations, chaired by Mr. J.S Park, KR ACS TMG Member. There were 4 presentations by Mr. Yuichi Sonoda, Secretary General of ASF, Mr. Johnson W. Sutjipto, Commissioner of PT. Wintermar, Mr. Li Zhiyuan, CCS ACS TMG member, and Mr. Yeong-chul Park, Chairman ACS WG on PSC.    

Session 2:- Green Ship Technology and Regulations, chaired by Dr Toshiro Arima , NK ACS TMG Member. There were 4 presentations by Mr. Junichi Hirata, Chairman ACS WG on Ship Recycling, Mr. Gan Shaowei, CCS, Mr Koichi Nishifuji, NKK and Mr. Takashi Unseki,  ASEF.

Session 3:- Class rules and Maritime regulations, chaired by Mr. S. Bharat, IRS ACS TMG Member, with 3 presentations by Dr. Toshiro Arima, Chairman ACS WG GBS, Mr. P.K. Mishra, Chairman ACS WG BWM, and Mr. Arif Yunaedi, BKI.

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