Service Request Form


  • Kindly note that all tests are destructive in nature. Only on request prior to testing, the remaining quantity of samples, if any, will be returned.
  • DC/Letter should be legible (preferably typed), clearly indicating the sample reference (as to be incorporated in the test report), the tests to be conducted, specification to be followed for conformation, specific method of testing, if any.
  • The Certificates will be issued sample-wise unless requested for test-wise reports while submitting the samples.
  • Samples will not be registered if the information is inadequate and will be stored for 15 days only. Customers are requested to furnish the necessary details within this period.
  • Test Reports will have NABL Symbol only if the Tests and parameters are within the scope.
  • The due date indicated in the acknowledgement slip is only tentative and efforts will be made to adhere to the date.
  • The storage period of samples is 3 months after the receipt of the sample and any feedback or requests for further tests will not be applicable after this period.
  • Results are conveyed only either through hard copy, fax or email. Oral communication of the results is to be strictly avoided.